Beyond Meridian

Cover of Beyond Meridian Captain Rick Raine got more than he bargained for when he agreed to take on a brash young man as a crewmember along with contraband cargo. Karl's spirit intrigues him, but he didn't sign up for battling privateers, the United Planetary Alliance or his traitorous body's response. Especially to a naive kid who cheats at holo poker and knows a whole lot more than he should.

Deep in the heart of enemy space, Karl's goal, to rescue the woman who saved him from a life of sexual servitude, is finally close enough to touch. Unfortunately, so is Captain Raine, who becomes erotic poetry in motion when he pilots the ship. Raine's an honest thief, but Karl can't trust him with UPA secrets that could get them both killed.

But when Karl signed on for this mission, no one told him to hang on to his heart...

Review Excerpt:

"The whole thing is too much fun, like a gay space adventure with a charming never-do-well rogue at the helm and his foil, the more straight-laced fellow, at his side."
- Mrs Giggles Reviews

Note: This title will be republished by Nine Star Press in July 2018. If you want to be informed when it's back in publication, please join my newsletter.