A Corgi Named Kilowatt

Cover of Silver and Gold Anthology

From one-night stands to on-and-off love stories that span decades, the roads of love are diverse and have no map. One of the hardest relationships to navigate may be those with an age difference. Society isn't always sure what to make of May-December pairings, and the odds seem stacked against them. But the wisdom of age and the optimism of youth is a combination not to be underestimated...

A Corgi Named Kilowatt (C.C. Bridges) turns the teacher-student dynamic on its head when young TA Evan clashes with Marc, a dog groomer back at school at forty.

Review Excerpt:

"...the romance between twenty-three-year-old Literature PhD student and TA Evan and forty-year-old dog trainer and kennel owner Marc hit all the right notes in my book and it's definitely my top favorite in the anthology." - Bookaholics

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